St Davids Plains

Father MacEachen was appointed to administer the area in 1897 and had a desire to build a Chapel School and Presbytery at Whiterigg. In 1900 this was achieved with the opening of St David’s Whiterigg School and Chapel, the ruins of which still remain standing, the old cross from it now mounted outside the new St David’s Church in Plains. The School remained in use until 1931 when a purpose built school was opened. The scattered communities around the area began to migrate towards the Villages of Caldercruix Plains and Greengairs with the prospect of better housing and faced with the need to now serve around 200 families in Plains alone, Father Keating who had arrived in 1941 decided to build a new Chapel in Plains. 

Father Keating moved from the parish in 1949 and replaced by Father Brooks who continued the work. Construction was scheduled to commence on Sept 1st 1949 but in the fair fortnight of that year men of the village actually cleared and prepared the ground for the new chapel even before they had formal approval of the local authority and the foundations were laid on Sept 19th 1949. Construction continued through 1950 and the building work so advanced that father Brookes decided to hold midnight mass on Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December 1950 in the new Church. 750 people attended mass that night in their new Church. St David's was formally opened by Bishop Douglas on 29th April 1951. The oldest parishoners who attended that mass were Mrs Catherine Taggart and Mr James Kane.

In June 1952 the chapel house was commissioned built over the following two years at a cost of £6,400.

The last mass in the church was celebrated by Father Trench and Father Gallagher in 1994 

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