White Arched Ceiling

The old St David’s was designed by Gillespie, Kidd and Coia the diocesan architects at the time and was a design that has been criticised as more suited to a Mediterranean climate rather than the west of Scotland. In the immediate post war years building materials were in short supply and the quality of the building was never considered to be the best. The fabric of the building suffered badly over the years and in 1960 a fire resulted in further damage including cracking of the ceiling. While the Church was maintained over the years with some improvemens being made and a Parish hall created from some old school huts added in the 1980's to compliment the Church, the building continued to deteriorate and in the early 1990’s a decision was made to build a new church. As the parish hall had now become a highly valued aspect of St David’s by the parishioners, with many events as well as weddings, funerals and other events being hosted there, provision for a new hall was considered essential as part of any new build. The result was the new building being designed to use the natural slope of the site allowing space to provide a new hall under the Church, with fully equipped kitchen and bar area. During the construction mass was held in the old parish hall which was eventually demolished on opening of the new church in 1994

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